Solid Roof Conservatory

solid roof conservatory

A solid roof conservatory or “garden room” is a glass home extension with a “solid roof” that is usually made in one piece. These flat or pitched roofs offer the perfect alternative for people who desire a walled area that feels more like an extension of the existing home.

They can be multi-purposed as an additional living area, a playroom, an office, a dining area or even a kitchen.


Roof Top Materials

Typically, the roofs on a solid roof conservatory are constructed from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) a fibber reinforced polymer. This makes them easy to maintain and preserves the traditional “moulded” roof appearance while preserving structural integrity. It can also give the appearance of an internal panel, vaulted ceiling with a high-gloss finish. However, they can also be constructed from lead, tile or slate.

Building Considerations in a Solid Roof Conservatory

The frame of a solid roof conservatory must be able to withstand the weight of the roof. Therefore, there are structural considerations that must be taken into account. A steel frame or a hardwood frame may be the best choices. Wood frames may have more movement though. If the building is not constructed properly there will be additional pressure on the glass of the conservatory and window sashes may become too tight or too loose, the glass may be under stress or the wood may warp leading to more solid roof conservatory costs in the future.

The Benefits of a Solid Roof Conservatory

There are many benefits to a solid roof conservatory. The primary benefit is that they provide better temperature regulation and it is easier to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition, they are better at noise insulation than their glazed glass counterparts. This can make them more usable in intemperate weather. There is also less need to clean a solid roof. A drawback is that they may allow less light than other types of roofs. However, strategically placed skylight windows can alleviate the problem.

Solid Roof Conservatory Costs

Solid roof conservatory costs are slightly higher than that of a traditional conservatory extension. It will generally also take longer to build. This type of building does offer more privacy though and is the perfect solution for homes with low eaves. In fact, a garden room is the most ideal extension for year round use. They do require prior planning permission and will need to comply with all building regulations. However, our professionals can easily help with this process.

Picking the Right Builder

Choosing the right builder can be the difference between a beautiful solid roof building extension and a home improvement nightmare. Our network of professional builders can help create the right space that matches seamlessly with the existing home. They understand the different options and work with the planning commission to get the proper approval necessary. In addition, they can work with you to customize the space so that your unique conceptual design is realized.

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